Monday, 24 January 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts for the last few days I have Been revising for my biology exam I only have one more left which is on Wednesday. But will post tonight.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

How to calm pre-uni nerves?

It can be very scary starting uni leaving your friends and family behind and most people don't know anyone there. So how can you ease the pain and worry from starting a new uni?

  • Join your uni's Facebook page for the year you join i.e Cambridge 11 or something. Make friends post what course you are doing that way when you join you will at least know a few people.
  • Don't be shy just explore your campus make new friends. And don't worry.
  • Join a club or activity that you enjoy that way you meet people on the same wave length as you. Be careful some may have fee's.
All in all just be yourself if they don't like you for who you are don't worry there are so many more people to connect with at uni. 

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


These big and expensive items are necessary to your course so my advice for you is to buy them second hand on websites like ebay and amazon. Also many students sell their books in the university so looks at the ads iny the begging of the year so you can get some good deals. When you have finished with yours sell them on eBay or through your university.You can also see if you can get by without this. On your very first day go to the library and check out the books you need.And just keep on extending the time that you have it so you don't  have to pay the fees. Alternatively you can share with your friends this separates the cost and then you can do assignments together and socialise.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

How to keep hold of your money?

Avoid credit cards!
When it comes to credit cards, loans, overdrafts and other similar financial aid, banks and companies are not offering you them for their Moral code.  They want to loan you money you cannot afford to pay back. They want you just to make them money from the interest that can be extremely high my main advice is not to get one. Only use this a aid only as a last resort.

• Save money every month for something really important i.e a new laptop or something necessary for your study.
• Get a saturday job this can be a nice little earner to help you plough through uni.
• If you are going into your first year at uni make sure you fill in all grant forms and loans so you have cash in you uni and are not money less for the first few months.
• Get a bank account so you can put your earnings and loans can go into.
• Keep an eye on your money there is nothing worse than running out midway through a term.
• Cook your own meals it is cheaper than eating out all the time.
• University life is about partying and having fun but budget this don't spend all you money on alcohol and go on the cheaper nights like Thursday's

All in all make sure your careful and everything will be alright.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

My First tip

Get organised!!
If you a student of any level you probably have assignments,homework and other things coming out of your ears my tips for you is to plan."Failure to plan is planning to fail" as they say. So follow these steps...

  1. Get a calendar. This may seem like a silly thing but if you have one you can put all your key dates on coursework due in e.c.t . Also don't be a bore use this to plan all your social arrangements to this will show off your organisational skills.
  2. Get a homework diary/planner keep all your key information in this and it will enable you to make sure you have all key things done.
  3. Prioritise order things in importance obviously everything has to be done but if you do lose track of time do your coursework before your homework, and your homework before partying.
  4. Revision timetables get some A3 paper from your school,college or university and draw up a hour by hour time table. Obviously write in your lessons and other commitments and be sure not to revise too late otherwise that can be counter productive.
  5. Use tech: I am a huge fan of technology today and don't be afraid to use it to your advantage (instead of playing angry birds) Great apps like Evernote and Remember The Milk are a must these simple yet useful apps will enable you to succeed. Also there are many timetable apps on the app store so if you think you may lose/forget your time table this can get you out of any sticky situations.   

Being a student...

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My site will bring you hints and tips about student life whether it be AS or degree level. I hope you stay tuned for the many posts ahead.